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All new visitors should read this section first!
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By Kaosnafe Jul 3, 17
Advertise events relevant to the theme of the Coven of Night.
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By Crowe / Emydio May 27, 17
Summaries of Conclave of Night events!
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By Gideon a Jun 18, 17
In Character
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Post your vampire, werewolf, thrall, or other monster-related character here!
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By Malkar Aedaere Jul 3, 17
All stories and journals are OOC knowledge unless specified otherwise.
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Forum RP may be both open for others to join or closed between specific parties. Please don't take any forum RP you read as IC knowledge.
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By Galacier Dec 15, 16
Any posts in this section are considered IC. They may be visible to all or targeted towards individuals. Please make sure to clarify who can ICly read your post!
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By Crowe / Emydio Apr 14, 17
The Sanguine Chalice is a bar hidden in the wilds of Craglorn. Away from prying mortal eyes, the heavily guarded Chalice serves as a sanctuary for vampires, werewolves, and other monsters of the Conclave, as well as those seeking its favors.

((Feel free to post anything you'd like here which pertains to the Chalice, from OOC discussions to forum RP to anything else!))
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By AChanceOfReign Jan 17, 17
Out of Character
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The place to read helpful lore information.
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By Beltane a Feb 20, 17
A place to discuss lore and other topics pertaining to RP.
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By Lucin May 22, 17
Discuss anything and everything here!
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By Krainor Blackthorne Jan 23, 17
Share any of your artistic creations here.
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By Sylphrenia May 13, 17
A place to advertise any vampire, werewolf, or other monster-friendly guilds!
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By Beltane a Jun 2, 17
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